Fatiyn Muhammad

FATIYN MUHAMMAD (BRO. FATIYN) is a native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from George Westinghouse Vocational & Technical High School located in downtown Brooklyn, NY. Bro. Fatiyn furthered his education in the field of Electrical Engineering Technology at S.U.N.Y. Farmingdale Agricultural & Technical University in Long Island. He graduated with A.A.S. Degree in the field of Electrical Engineering Technology from S.U.N.Y. Farmingdale. He was named, “Outstanding Minority Student” and was on the Dean’s List with a G.P.A. of 3.79. In the late 80’s, Bro. Fatiyn’s became a member of the U.A.M. (United African Movement) under the leadership of; Rev. Al. Sharpton and attorneys Alton Maddox & C. Vernon Mason. That same year, Bro. Fatiyn became a member of 98.7 KISS-FM’s softball team, not knowing that these two paths would cross, and create a new career path for him. The new career path that was created while working at a bank in the NY Tri-State area was the “Producer” position of the OPENLINE Show heard on 98.7 KISS-FM under the direction of the Radio Station’s News Director, Bob Slade. Today, Bro. Fatiyn is still producing the OPENLINE Show, as well as being an On-Air Contributor on the OPENLINE Broadcast, on 107.5 WBLS-FM in the NY Tri-State area. Bro. Fatiyn is the Executive Producer for two Nationally Syndicated Radio Shows for the Rev. Al. Sharpton; “KEEPING IT REAL w/ REV. AL. SHARPTON” & “SUNDAY MORNING w/ REV. AL. SHARPTON.” Bro. Fatiyn has been producing both of these shows respectively, for eleven (11) & ten (10) years. As Bro. Fatiyn’s Radio Career began to flourish, he met a beautiful young lady, Sharon “Hanifah” Simmons-Stroman, who become his wife. From that union came two daughters: Fatiya Yaasmiyn Stroman & Rukaiya Janae Stroman. Having children complicated Hanifah, life because she was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia SS. Bro. Fatiyn was not familiar with the disease or its complications, nor knew anyone with sickle cell until he met his wife. As the years progressed, Bro. Fatiyn noticed the challenges his wife and others faced. Some of the negative comments about his wife and people living with sickle cell disease bothered him. The fact that many physicians, nurses, and at times, pharmacists often referred to members of the sickle cell community as “drug seekers” cause Bro. Fatiyn, to distrust people who provided Healthcare services. Since Hanifah had many complications due to sickle cell, Bro. Fatiyn decided to educate himself about the disease. He knew this was a huge responsibility but was committed to advocating for his wife and thousands affected by the disease. Today, Bro. Fatiyn continues the advocacy for Hanifah and the sickle cell community using his media platform to educate and spread awareness about the sickle cell.