Slum Village Speaks Volumes with #1ViralVoice

Slum Village takes time out to chop it up with President Donnett Carroll and Africa Allah during their New York tour date at S.O.B’s in support of the #1viralvoice campaign.
Check out behind the scenes footage of Slum Village during their NYC Tour Sept. 20, 2012

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About Sickle Cell Thalassemia Patients Network’s #1ViralVoice
#1ViralVoice is a new & social media campaign created by DistinctiveImpression MMG (home of to integrate social advocacy into our daily lifestyle. In this new age of media consumption we connect, communicate and engage our ideas in ways that (1) Makes the potential supporter feel like a part to the process and (2) takes little effort to execute.


Sickle Cell Thalassemia Patients Network (SCTPN) was incorporated in 1993 as a volunteer, not-for-profit organization by its founding members (adults living with sickle cell disease, thalassemia and other hemoglobin disorders) to serve the larger community by providing a face and a voice for these underrepresented health issues.